What Are The Boosters?

Many of the new players, tend to face difficulties understanding the gameplay contents, and if they manage to fully know how the game operates, they fall into the small set-pieces as we like to call it.

Boosters are a very important feature, that you must master it out and know the smallest detail about it. It can change your gaming experience 180 degrees.

Boosters will work as a legal cheat, but you must have enough funds in order to put your hands on enough amount of boosters that will show you a great affect.

Note: they will only appear once you manage to match four or pieces together. It will vary in its type and effect, depending on your matching capabilities.

What Are The Types Of Boosters?

As an advanced player, you must have a full knowledge when it comes to the boosters, so we have created this list for you and we will start from the weakest descending down to the strongest and hardest.

  1. Cans of soda: it will only require from you to match four pieces together to clear a row
  2. Bags Of Chips: Five or six pieces are required to be formed in L or T form
  3. Spinning Tops: four items of same time in square shape. Hits main locked elements
  4. Buckets of candy: the dream of removing all the elements of a certain color from filed with one move! You have to match 5 items in one line.
  5. Those were the main boosters you will get to encounter in the game. By reading this small description, you should be able to play the game and move forward with a steady pace.

    There are remaining boosters we didn’t mention it in this list. Read the next segment to have a better full vision on it.

    The Most Powerful Boosters out There!

    Boosters in the game are split into two types, they are mainly valuable and solid. They will enhance your progression speed at least by 40%, only if you manage to utilize them.

    We might offer the needed information to utilize the boosters through. This list down will include the most power boosters…

        Hammer: It will demolish any obstacle and should only be used at hard situations. It can be purchased during the playtime using coins or diamonds.
        Sledgehammer: it can be purchased during playtime as well, but it will affect the elements now. This is more like a purchased can of soda.
        Glove: do you want to save your moves? Anything happens on the field will consume your moves and leave you helpless, that is why the glove was invented. It will allow you to move any tiles without affecting your moves counter.

    What Is The Strongest Combo?

    The power-ups can be combined together to form something extraordinary. It is not the hardest task, but still it will require a lot of attention from you to find the right mixture to deal as much damage as possible.

    The strongest combo of all time is the Spinning Top + Spinning Top. It will grant you 5 Spinning Tops and it will annihilate the tiles.

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