How To Get Unlimited Lives Coins And Diamonds

Lives are playing a vital part in the game, you will not be able to advance forward an inch without having enough lives. Let me explain to you how the lives system works does.

For each time you are entering a challenge, there will be a live siting on stake. If you by any chance failed to complete the mission, there will be a life consumed. That will leave you siting on 4 lives remaining.

Without the lives, you will not have an access to any of challenging games. You will be stuck in the zoo town to customize it out. It is based on decoration and waiting to refill your lives back following the solution that we are going to mention down below.

You must be wondering on how to restore your lost lives. Here is a list of the most efficient routes to get lives.

  1. Waiting 30 minutes is your safest bet to get one life back, so in total to restore the full 5 lives, you have to wait 2 hours and half. However, there are some better solutions...
  2. Using our service at the website to generate diamonds, which can be used later on to purchase lives. It is an instant solution that will not consume time nor effort.
  3. Ask your friends to send you a life in a gift form. It will be added to your stock immediately.
  4. If your friend sent you a life and your stock is full already, it will be moved to the emergency section and will be added later to your stock once you are down to four lives
  5. One of the main powerful features inside is to activate the unlimited lives system. It is a very special feature and cannot be obtained easily. Let us explain to you how this system works.

    Once you activate the unlimited lives system, it will grant you a complete immune against losing any of your current lives. We need to make it simpler for you...

    Entering a challenge and failing to accomplish it, it will result in losing one life. With the unlimited lives system, you can lose for any number of times and still keep your current number of lives the same.

        Note: you have to know one important feature about this system. It is only available for a very limited period of time, so once you activate it, the countdown timer will begin.

    You must keep your eyes on the clock and know exactly your next target. Keep checking on the daily bonuses system to receive this offer, or you can check the in-game bank to claim it.

    Your focus needs to move now to get as many diamonds as possible to enjoy the full set of features and boosters. Zoo chests are the most valuable chests in the game. They will grant you coins and it could get you some rare boosters.

    Completing animal families is a much recommended method to obtain diamonds in the game. If you have any further inquiries, feel free to contact us.

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