Technical Questions and troubleshootings

How to invite your friends? This question has been on our repeatable list and the answer to it is very simple.

Linking your game with your Facebook account is a very important thing for many reasons. Here is a list for the main benefits...

  1. Having a complete access to your friends list, which will grant you an easy invitation to your friends with one click.
  2. Saving all your progress to the account. The main point behind doing such a thing is to keep the progress data in a safe place to restore it easily instantly.
  3. 3-playing the game on multiple devices and sharing the same progression, which means you do not have to start all over again.

One of the main problems that you could encounter is the disappearance of your friends from the list. If this problem happens, you must follow the instructions listed down below.

Restarting the device is a very important move. The restart helps your application to restore all the data and fix up the cache files, which in return could fix the problem for you. the second solution is to check the internet connection, since the friends list are linked to the Facebook account, so any problem related to the connection will result in a complete failure and data loss or corruption.

Third solution for this case is to reconnect your Facebook account. Enter the settings menu and disconnect the account. Wait few seconds and reconnect it back again and check whether the problem is fixed or not.

If your problem is still persisting, then you should send an email to the support team and they should be able to fix it for you.

How To Disable Notifications?

The notifications will appear frequently and affect your mobile experience. It could be embarrassing at some points, so you should turn it off to keep away any distractions. It cannot be disabled from inside the game. You have to enter the settings menu from the application at your device and disable the notifications.

The connection problem is a very popular thing, when it comes to online features. Reading the notice list is a smart thing to at the first glance. There could be an update to the internal servers and that will cause some troubles in the connections.

Game Crashes and slow downs.

This is a very stable game and has reached its peak, but some players are experiencing problems related to crashes ad slowdowns. The solution for such a problem is to check on the current versionof the game and update it to the latest, if the problem persists, then waiting for the next update is the right thing to do. Only do the previous solutions if you are fully sure that your device is meeting the requirements to run the game.

By reaching this point, we have covered the FAQ related to the technical problems. You can enjoy a safe and stable playing experience in wildscapes.

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